Hotel Mamabels
+(34) 950 472 448 | CITY - RTA NO.: H/AL/00542
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    We are delighted to welcome you.
    Comfort combined with adventure.
    Superb location with stunning views.
    Try our simple and authentic breakfast.

Get to know

Our beaches, Our mountains, Our monuments

Hotel Mamabels has been a leading hotel in the area for many years, and ingrained in the history of Mojacar. And we have now reopened adding a refreshing atmosphere to our privileged location.
A tranquil and magic environment in the form of a small Ibero Nazari castle with split level architecture, blending with the village of Mojacar.


The hotel

Welcome to our small but great hotel, we wish you a happy experience. The small thing is because there are only 7 rooms plus 2 en route and great for the air of freedom that you feel being in it. Its magnificent views are surpassed by the intensity of the light that, when impacting the walls, the mountains and the sea around us, allows us to see the horizon. The details of both architectural and personal art decorate more welcoming spaces. Its Peace and tranquility is not close to being well connected, near the center of the village where there are good restaurants, shops, bars, besides the municipal parking and public transport stops. Thank you very much.
Juan Carlos Raths, The manager


Dogs are allowed in rooms prepared for them.


There is a safe at reception

Laundry service

Laundry service, washing and ironing.

Free Wi-Fi

All rooms include free Wi-Fi.

Special pack

Double room, bottle of Cava Brut, box of chocolates and fresh fruit.

Special Breakfasts

We serve our breakfasts to the table, offering home made pastry, toasts, butter, jams, tomato with country made ecological olive oil, fruit juice, cofee tee or other infusions.


  • HDTV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fan
  • Dryer


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  • HDTV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fan
  • Dryer


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  • HDTV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fan
  • Dryer


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Relax and Therapies

If you need to relax, release those overworked muscles and you are on holiday, Mojacar includes several massage centres , kinesiology, reiki, Acupuncture to treat your ailments and improve your well-being. You can also attend Yoga classes at the Mojacar Integral Yoga Almería centre.

Special shuttle

Exclusive "Airport Shuttle" provide shuttle bus services and private transfers to and from Almería, Alicante and Murcia airports to the resorts of Mojacar.

Sporting activities

We have capacity to store bicycles in the hotel, we provide you with the service of a high quality supply centre that will provide you with equipment, routes and bicycles for rent.
We offer a range of various hiking routes for the the nature lovers.
Gymnasium: Mojacar contains sports pavilions where you can enjoy different sporting activities.
Swimming: Mojacar has 17 kilometres of coast between its border with neighbouring Garrucha at Marina de la Torre and Rambla de la Granatilla.
Golf: Enjoy spectacular views and a varied and attractive course at its golf courses.


Hiking: Leave the car behind when visiting Mojacar and its surroundings and enjoy its enchanting medieval architecture.
Boat trips: Enjoy an unforgettable experience with your partner or fiends navigating the coves and marine reservations at Cabo de Gata.
Horse riding tours: Mojacar horse riding tours are ideal for getting to know the rural and mountain environment.

Diving lessons

Why not go diving with the Mojacar diving school in the Cabo de Gata Nature Park, Sierra de Villaricos and in Mojacar itself.

Sailing lessons

Mojacar has the ideal climate for water sports, where you can learn how to navigate in a catamaran, or practice windsurf, surf, etc. at the sailing school.


You have made us feel at home, and that's no easy task! If you continue to be so generous and exhibit such know-how I am sure you will gain all the success you deserve. Don't change. You are perfect.

It is a pleasure and honour for us to have received such love here. Thanks for everything and we shall return from the mountains in the north.

Aun posto capace trasformare il sogno in realtà. Morjácar ,Mamabels con effetto.

I have never experienced a more beautiful place, more delicious food, or more loving people. I hope to return to Mamabels many times. – Thank you for the amazingly wonderful week that week spent there.

Avant de partir une petite carte pour vous dire a quèl point votre acceuil famillia le et votre grande et douce gentilles senous es tallé droit au coeur. C’est magique chez vous, continuez ainsi car c’est de l’amour que vous distribue!!! Que dieu vous protège

I have visited Mamabels several times and it has always been an charming stay. I recommend requesting the Suite, with round bathtub and authentic Goyesco decorative suit (I had to try it, couldn't resist) Breakfast on the balcony is wonderful and I also recommend dining there, its all delicious.


Mojacar was baptised a Villa by the Catholic Kings after the reconquest and served as a military horse bastion between the city of Cartagena or city of the 5 castles.

Although originally Iberian and linked to the Phonecians and other cultures that led to indigenous societies such as Los Argáricos and Los Millares which went on to form part of the Roman empire and later part of the Nasrid Kingdom of Almeria (that has just celebrated its 1000 year anniversary) and the Kingdom of Granada, with the passage of time Mojacar has learnt how to adapt without loosing its village charm and the welcoming nature of its people, from the mundane to the mystical, Bohemian and Universal.

Cradle to numerous artists, abode to famous eccentrics and artistic and literary personalities, writers, painters, actors and designers, and visitors from all over the globe, attracted by the inspirational magnetism of the village and province.

The name Mamabels comes from its original founder, who was nicknamed Mamabel by one of the artists who refounded post modern Mojacar in the 1960s. The Mamabels legend persists today as the cradle of neo modern Mojacar, as recognised by many of the special personalities from the period. Mambel in turn was married to the multifaceted and brilliant writer and painter, Jean Marie Raths.